​How Much is Compliance Really Costing You?​


Mango is designed to simplify, automate and reduce the cost of compliance.

With compliance costing Australian Businesses $250 Billion Per Annum, it’s time to look at a smarter solution.

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Paper, Sharepoint
Report and Accident/ Incident
Hours per incident
Control Documents
Manual. Days per Month
Verify Completion of Compliance Tasks
Manual. Hours
Automated. Live
Monthly Safety Report
Manual. Hours per Branch
Automated. Live
Verify Currency of Licence, Competency 
Manual. Hours
Automated. Live
External Audit
Evidence Spread Across Spreadsheets, Forms,
Hard-Drives, Registers, Missing?
In Mango

​Looking for a cost-efficient QHSE compliance solution?

Customer Benefits


Reduce Cost
Mango users typically see a ​30%+ reduction in the cost of compliance. 


Save Time​
Implement an integrated management system in weeks – not months or years.


Eliminate. Automate
Banish paper and excessive hours controlling documents – forever.


Participation and In-Control Systems​
Assign tasks across the workforce. Oversight completion instantly.

Single, Online Compliance System​
Simple user interface. Records in one location. 

Turbo-charge QHSE improvement and performance. 

Need any more reasons?

Here is what some of our 750 customers across Australia and New Zealand have to say.

Mango vs Paper/Intranet systems

Paper/ Intranet systems…

  • Auditors raising non-conformances due to a lack of evidence.
  • High cost of compliance, with dedicated personnel and resources.
  • Visibility and accountability – no one knows if we are in compliance
  • Excessive cost and time in controlling documents.
  • Passive – limited staff buy- in and procedures that personnel rarely use.
  • Incidents and accidents not recorded.
  • Every time someone leaves, part of the system breaks down.
  • ​​​We enter lots of data into the system but can’t do anything with it.​
  • “System” is really a disparate collection of documents, spreadsheets, registers managed by different personnel.


  • Audit evidence in one repository.
  • Excessive administration eliminated.
  • One online system.
  • ​Compliance tasks assigned. Automated reminders and escalation.
  • Oversight completion instantly.
  • Document control – eliminated.
  • Active – designed for participation. Compliance tasks assigned.
  • Easy reporting. Track status at any time.
  • ​Re-assign tasks to nominated personnel  to ensure continuity.
  • Powerful reporting functionality and live performance data.